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Traveler's Notebook - camel leather

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TRAVELER'S Notebook starter kit with a camel leather cover by Traveler's company. 

The design is simple so that you can customize it the way you want. You can put a charm you found through the band and or even paste your favorite sticker on the cover of your notebook, ... or just keep it untouched.

Write down at random what you feel or what you think in the café you dropped into during your travels. Even try carrying this notebook in your daily life as if this is your actual trip. After all, “Free Spirit” comes from this constant action of seeking something.

TRAVELER’S notebook consists of a cut cow leather tanned using vegetable tannin, a process that shows the wrinkles and scratch marks easily. However, it is more environmentally friendly, and offers an authentic patina.

After using for a long time when the leather quality changes and scratched remain as your memories, this notebook will be more precious than ever to you.

The starter kit includes:

  • a cotton bag
  • a leather cover
  • an MD paper blank notebook
  • a spare rubber band

Please discover a large choice of refills (drawing paper, grid paper,...) and useful accessories (card file, zipper case,...) to create your own notebook, perfect for your personal or professional use.  

NB: The starter kit can hold up to 2 notebook refills. Please use the "connecting rubber band" if you want to add some more.

Please choose and check the size option (passport or regular) before placing your order.

  • The leather used for the TRAVELER’S notebook has oil seeped inside, and by doing so, it makes the finish soft. Please note that there might be some small scratches and wrinkles on the cover. The longer you use it, the more the color deepens. And by this deepening, the scratches would be hard to spot.
  • TRAVELER’S notebook can be used without maintaining, but if anybody’s worried about the scratch marks or the leather from drying up, then please use a leather cream. By using this, the color of the leather deepens, and becomes more polished. This will prevent the scratch marks from showing up. Please try this first on a part that hardly stands out.

  • The color dye of the leather is done naturally, so when the leather becomes wet through rain or sweat, the color may transfer to your clothes or bag. In case it gets wet, please use a dry and soft cloth to absorb the water soaked inside and dry it in a shade.
  • Please avoid using water, benzene, and thinner for this leather. When preserving it, please be aware of any moisture, dirt, and sweat that is on the leather, and store it in a dry place.
  • Please prevent this from sticking to other leather items and vinyl products.

  • The tightness of the rubber band can be adjusted by changing the position in which the knot is being made. Please adjust to your favorite length.
MatériauxCow leather, MD paper
Dimensions22 x 12 x 1 cm
ProvenanceCover: Thailand, Notebook: Japan
Traveler's Notebook - camel leather
Reviews about this product

Based on 7 reviews

  • Celestina C.
    Published 17/04/2021 à 13:51 (Order date: 09/04/2021)

    J’utilise les traveler’s notebook depuis plusieurs années. Je ne suis jamais déçu !

  • David R.
    Published 26/03/2021 à 15:36 (Order date: 18/03/2021)

    Correspond parfaitement à mes attentes !

  • Capucinne V.
    Published 16/01/2020 à 12:44 (Order date: 08/01/2020)

    Le carnet est minuscule, mais c’est exactement ce que je voulais pour pouvoir l’emmener partout avec moi :) très belle qualité de produit !

  • Sebastien B.
    Published 20/07/2019 à 03:38 (Order date: 10/07/2019)

    Tres bien, touchez agréable

  • Christine M.
    Published 07/05/2019 à 15:35 (Order date: 28/04/2019)

    jolie couleur

  • Angelique G.
    Published 20/11/2018 à 13:10 (Order date: 08/11/2018)

    Il est juste sublime. Une bonne odeur de cuivre. La qualité au top. Reçu très rapidement.

  • Emilie A.
    Published 16/10/2018 à 12:25 (Order date: 08/10/2018)

    Tout est ok

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