Mini Daruma - White

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DARUMA is very popular in Japan, it is a figurine made with papier-mâché that helps you to set a (mid-term) objective and stimulate to achieve it by a simple ritual:

  • Draw (traditionally with a black ink) one eye and make a wish
  • Place your DARUMA in a safe and visible place in order to remember every day your commitment
  • The day it comes true you can proudly draw the second eye

It is also a roly-poly figurine meaning the force of determination, the fact that you will always bounce back to overcome the barriers that may stand in the way of the goal...

Red is the traditional color for good fortune and luck but you can also choose a yellow DARUMA for protection and safety, gold for prosperity, black against misfortune and bad spirits, white for harmony and pink for love.

Dimensions4 x 4,5 cm

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