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This eleventh edition of the magazine dives into the heart of this strange world. A multicolored journey to the places where the mind gets foggy.

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LES OTHERS VOL.XI MAGAZINE - DELIRIUM. More than just an online or print publication, Les Others is first and foremost a community. A community of adventure, fresh air and nature lovers.


Accustomed to merely observing great outdoor adventures, we usually imagine the people who perform them as heroes cut from marble, capable of overcoming the impossible: constant danger, extreme temperatures, profound solitude... For this very reason, we claim they're wired differently than mere mortals.

Described by the men and women performing them however, the experience is often quite different. Distorted reality, hallucinations, phobias, delusions... What happens to our brains when we come into contact with the wilderness isn't always a pretty sight. Therein lies an immense and intangible territory with roots in psychology, fantasy, imagination...

Our eleventh edition of the magazine dives into the heart of this strange world. Embark with us on a multicolored journey to the places where the mind gets foggy, from the peaks of Nanga Part alongside Reinhold Messner in the final hours of his historic climb (page>181), to the hidden depths of Nazaré'sgiant waves (page>203). Places where emotions go off the rails, with one's shadows hot pursuit (page>162), in a fight against one's addictions (page>13) or faced with the overwhelming magnitude of the climate crisis (page>44). Places were sensations disappear, lost in a whiteout (page>221) or in Utqiagvik's endless night in the far reaches of Alaska (page>96)

In an ironic twist, we had barely begun this inner exploration of the outside world when half of the planet found itself cooped up. Curious times indeed. Sheltered from a virus that threatened even our senses of taste and smell, we called upon all five of them to try to unravel some of the mysteries of human consciousness: how do our most primary fears materialize? What are our brains' limits and capacities? How do our unconscious minds influence our dreams and desires? And above all else: could our strictly ordered perception of the world be no more than fragment of reality?

  • Travel journal, photographic series, essays, interviews, …
  • Bilingual magazine (French + English text at the end of the magazine )

Les Others join the 1% FOR THE PLANET program since 2017, a corporate network committed to offer 1% of the annual sales revenue to organizations engaged to protect the environment.

MatériauxRecycled paper
Dimensions23 X 16,5 X 2 cm
Contenance304 pages - bilingual (French and English)
ProvenancePrinted in France
IngrédientsTravel journal, photographic series, interviews, illustrated recipes
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