"Slow Coffee Style" dripper set

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The Slow Coffee Style dripper by the Japanese maker Kinto is designed to blend into our interior and to integrate our lifestyle. The items add a warm touch to a space with beautifully aged vintage furniture and plants.  

Server and cup are handcrafted in small quantities. A tube of heat-resistant glass is fired, then air is blown in to the tube to shape the glass into the mold. The handles are also crafted by hand, one by one. The work of human hands brings a sense of warmth to the simple form.
The brass brewer stand is adjustable by using the knob in order to let you brew into any mug or server.
The stainless steel filter has titanium coating that prevents odors of drinks from remaining.

Slow Coffee Style is an art de vivre where you enjoy the richness of going slow. Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee. It brings you the rich taste of a fresh coffee that requires a break in a relax space. Alone with a good book or your favorite music, with friends and delicacies...


Clean each piece before first use.

Simply measure the ground coffee and put in the filter (do not use a disposable paper filter), place the server and pour the hot water.

Clean well after each use and immediately dry the glass and wooden pieces to avoid drying spots.

MatériauxWood (base), brass (stem), glass (dripper, server, cup), titanium coated stainless steel (filter)
ContenanceServer up to 4 cups (50cl)
ProvenanceMade in Japan
"Slow Coffee Style" dripper set
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  • Marine G.
    Published 22/10/2020 à 11:48 (Order date: 01/10/2020)


  • Jena C.
    Published 24/12/2018 à 19:15 (Order date: 15/12/2018)

    Joli design et produit de bonne qualité

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