Furoshiki 70x70 - Wave and cherry blossom

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The FUROSHIKI is a square piece of cloth traditionally used in Japan for carrying and wrapping things. It is back today as an alternative to plastic and paper bags.

Multi-fonctional, it adapts to many shapes and different sizes. You can therefore use it to wrap a box, a cake, a bottle, etc... Fold it and stash away when not in use. Here is a bag that will replace the others!

Ideal for gift wrapping and thus introduce to your entourage this zero waste practice in a most delicate way!

  • Dimensions 70 x 70 cm
  • 100% cotton
  • Traditional weaving that ensures a remarquable strength.

Each FUROSHIKI contains, by the pattern, a different message.

SAKURA SEIKAIHA is a combination of 2 ancestral patterns. The blue waves stand for a quiet force, peace and good fortune. The cherry blossom is an iconic flower of Japan and announces the beginning of spring. It represents the gentleness and celebrate the ephemeral nature of beauty.

  • Hand wash only. Wash separately as color may bleed at first
  • Do not use any bleach product
  • Avoid the use of a dryer as color loss and deformation may occur
Matériaux100% thick cotton
Dimensions70 x 70 cm
ProvenanceMade in Japan

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