TARIKI MAI - Japanese organic rice 1kg

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TARIKI MAI 1KG - Japanese organic rice from Ehime by Tariki Hongan.

White rice grown thanks to the creation of an organic compost using Mikan (mandarin), a local culture of Ehime. 

Using the waste of Mikan pulp left by the fruit juice production, TARIKI Hongan worked on producing an organic fertilizer Mikan Bokashi mikan orange fermented organic fertilizer with ingredients such as rice bran and rice chaff. Fermented with yeast and lactic acid bacteria, Mikan Bokashi decomposes slowly as the soil heats up, so it doesn’t disturb the chemical balance that rice plants need for their growth. The rice from plants fertilized with Mikan Bokashi turns out delicious, because the action of the beneficial bacteria produces firmly rooted, heathy rice plants that absorb neither too much nor too little nutrition.

Médaille d’or toutes préfectures confondues au championnat de riz à Kikuchi, Kumamoto lors du 18ème concours d’analyse du goût du riz et d’évaluation, 2016.

  • Organic white rice
  • Net weight: 1 kg


using traditional clay pot (Kamado) or electrical cooker:

  • Rinse the rice with cold water until clear
  • Add water (about 200ml for 180g* of rice)
  • Soak for 30 minutes
  • Check the cooking time of your cooker

Bon appétit!

*quantity for 1 or 2 people. 

MatériauxOrganic rice
ProvenanceUwa-cho, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

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