"Fun Pun" wall clock


"Fun pun" wall clock by the Japanese designer Yoko Dobashi, edited by Lemnos.  This clock is easy to explain to children, simple, made of beautiful materials, and matches any interior design.

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"Fun pun" wall clock by the Japanese designer Yoko Dobashi, edited by Lemnos. Good Design Award 2017 (Japan)

Based on the concept of “An analog clock that motivates children who cannot read a clock”, the clock was developed by a female designer who is also a mother, in cooperation with Ms. Misa Sakurai, a senior researcher of the Japan Montessori Research Institute. Fun pun clock is well designed so as to promote understanding of minutes, hours and time for children whose interest in clocks begin to grow from the standpoint of Montessori education.When your child becomes interested in clocks, try reading the time aloud together and enjoy educational communication.

This clock is simple, made of beautiful materials, and matches any interior design.

We can experience sensorial understanding how long a second is by the sound. Also, this clock adopted a movement of having a ticking sound to be able to count the number in regards to a base 60 numeral system. Recently, many adults keep time with a clock working without a ticking sound, such as an analog clock with a sweeping movement, digital clock or their mobile phone. So children are becoming to lose the chance to experience 1 second. Having an experience of tick-tock sound in the middle of the night when you couldn’ t sleep will enhance your ability to do or to prepare something in time. 

Not only your children become independent, but also learn concepts of time, it would be helpful for Dad & Mam, wouldn’ t it ? It increases children’ s self-confidence when they make series of small achievements like “I got ready to go out more quickly than before !” When appropriate, praise their improving of time concept and action. Children will get confidence by making their own plans and develop confidence with every successful experience they have. In addition, analog clocks are now being recognized once again over digital clocks recently because they help us to organize our time and action plan to resemble a pie chart. 

”Children are full of intellectual curiosity more than adults think. Their eager attitude of repeating questions like “What’ s this?” “Why?” is a sign of their self-education ability that allows them to constantly improve themselves. If you can be a little more creative and arrange their environment suitably, they will involve themselves, exercise their intellect and act independently. An adult’ s role is not to instill knowledge in their children but to arrange their environment to learn on their own and to think by themselves.” Public Interest Incorporated Foundation / Foundation of Research and Studies for Ability Development Education Japan Montessori Research Institute. / Principal investigator Ms. Misa Sakurai 

Matériauxplywood, glass
Dimensionsd. 30,5 x thick. 4,8 cm
PilesAA battery included
Autresmounting screws supplied
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