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    Archivist was founded in 1994 by Sarah and William Allardice to offer high quality letterpress products that never lose their sense of fun. They firmly believe that letterpress remains the best form of printing available and everyone at Archivist works hard to ensure it continues in its role as the unequivocal home of UK letterpress printing.

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    Letterpress printing is a term used to describe printing using a press that inks the image then ‘stamps’ the paper. This is a process that has changed little since the Gutenberg bible was published circa 1455. These days a few of the manual processes have been replaced by engineering advances. Today’s printer is assisted by an intricate system of suction, gears and levers.                                                                  

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    The boxes of matches are an extension of the timeless appeal of letterpress printed products as well as being a fun take on something ordinary and rather useful.

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