• K-LUMET 1

    Born in Swiss Romandie in 1994, K-Lumet® was designed by a social worker. Protected by a patent, it is made in sheltered employment institutions. In the years 2000, the initial project was extended to the whole country, then it was exported to Germany and Belgium. Since August 2010, K-Lumet® is available in France.

  • K-LUMET 2

    ESAT is an institution that offers professional activities, educative, medical and social support to people whose disability is recognized. 

  • K-LUMET 3

  • Allow the supported person to be recognized as a full citizen.

  • Allow each person to find a place in its environment.

  • Get the recognition of social utility for adults in handicap situation.

  • Allow the person to take on responsabilities and to manage their personal life.

  • Help them to acquire as much autonomy as possible, whether or not the integration is achievable.

  • Accompany the families or the legal representatives to maintain the family relationship.

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